Mu’umin Farms

Mu’umin Farms (located at Km10, After Dawanau Market, Beside Airforce Comprehensive School, Kwa Town, Katsina Road, Kano) is an agro-allied company of choice for business-minded individuals and corporations that recognize the value of ‘impact investing’.

Our interest in the agro-allied sector is rooted in our interest in socially responsible investing thereby measuring our performance using both the conventional ROI and the Social Return on Investment (SROI) indices. With strong presence in Nigeria, Mu’umin Farms is positioned to take advantage of cross-regional peculiarities and opportunities that generally promote the rapid development of its group of companies.

Animal Husbandry

Our core competency is in the area of rearing animals by strictly observing Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for health protein production and cost effective farming. Our pure understanding of the business has emerged us from mere farmers to industry experts.

We have also established a sound business model that has earned us big reputation in the procurement and supply of quality meat. This has connected us to a large cache of customers in the foods industry, including hotels, restaurants and other companies.

Our Products